Amy Hillenbrand

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My paintings are usually very detailed pieces. When I completely immerse myself in the focus of the detail, I can find a quiet place in my mind and being. It is in this meditative-like state that I can allow my intuition to take over and transmute those same happy feelings that I felt playing in the wild-flower fields of my childhood onto and into the canvas.

I paint in a contemporary realism style. Contemporary- because I paint flowers and other subjects in a more modern way. Realism- because it is not super loose or abstract, but there is still a painterly feel about them. I paint using oils in an alla prima way, which means I paint wet paint into wet paint.


My journey to painting started when one way of life was over for me and a new one was emerging. I was the founder and business owner of a very successful interior design and architectural firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. After 15 years, the stress of that work began outweighing the joy, and it became clear to me that it was time to end that chapter, and regain my physical and emotional health.

During the transition, I yearned for what was next for me. What was my purpose? How was I to serve? I felt a strong and undeniable passion for helping people with their inner lives, as I’d spent so many years creating beauty for their outer lives. I studied at the best coaching schools in the country and learned many healing modalities.

I sold my business in the midwest and moved to California, where I began building a new business as a life coach. It was extremely fulfilling work for me, and I felt I had found my calling. But as I lay in bed one morning listening to the waves, Somebody had a different idea for me. I heard a voice say ‘oil painting”, just once, but once was enough to get my attention. This was a different voice then my normal everyday intuition voice. I was shocked and quite surprised, for this was something I had never done before other than the two paintings I did in high school art class. It was something I had never even thought about. I immediately got on the computer and was led to a wonderful Australian artist who held oil painting classes in her adorable studio near the ocean in La Jolla. I fell in love with this new hobby and the more I painted the more I healed the ravages of self-neglect and 16 hour work days.

As life often does, another unexpected turn soon moved me to Texas. Faced with another new beginning, I continued to ask what was I suppose to be doing with my life. One day, in the middle of a coaching seminar, I heard that familiar voice again. It was the same voice as I had heard five years before. It said,“ I already told you… paint.” So, I went home and I painted more, amidst my confusion and more questions.

“Why had I felt such a clear calling to be a Life Coach, but now something was calling me, even stronger, to paint?” Since I am a strong believer in the power of coaching, I started working with my own incredible coach and healer. I still remember the powerful session when it was confirmed to me in a way I instantly knew. I was to combine my healing gifts with my painting gifts. It was right there all along. I was given the ability to help others heal through my paintings. I began to infuse my paintings with intentional healing qualities that are universal to all, such as, unconditional love, joy, vitality, surrender, flow, and forgiveness. My passion for what I once thought was a hobby, has now taken on a much higher purpose.


Many artists struggle with what to paint. Just like I had asked God what I was meant to do with my life, I also started asking what I was supposed to paint. The answer was under my nose the entire time. I couldn’t see it or hear it at first, so it required another journey of self
discovery. I thought I had the genius idea to paint interiors. This seemed logical to me since it was my field of expertise for many years. I spent some time doing that but it didn’t bring me joy. Next, I got in the groove of painting shoes. I was happy. There were endless shoes, so I had endless ideas of composition and color. It was through this series, I honed my techniques.
Then my life took a revealing turn, when my Mother died of Uterine Cancer. After my Mother died, I just couldn’t bring myself to paint shoes anymore. I tried, but there was absolutely no desire, no passion for shoes. Then, without much conscious thought I started painting a new subject matter.

My whole life I gave my Mother flowers. As a young girl, I played in the fields of wildflowers near my house. I alway brought my Mom a fresh bouquet of daisies or buttercups or Queen Anne’s Lace. As I grew up and moved away, I sent her flowers most Mother’s Day and birthdays. And when she was diagnosed with cancer, I sent her flowers every other week for two years. I know she was in heaven guiding me to what was next. FLOWERS. My Mom always had a gift at knowing what my gifts were. Just like the discovery of my life purpose, this answer too, was right under my nose. I had loved plants and flowers all my life. They are beautiful, they are uplifting, they bring joy and they bring healing. They are beauty for your Soul. Thank you Mom.


As you may have guessed, I also love gardening and landscape design. What you might not have guessed is my abilities to teach kitties tricks. I teach them how to sit, shake hands, lay, walk on a leash and my latest endeavor, leg stretchy (please email for an explanation of this)( I should really make a you-tube video of this one! stay tuned.)

And even stranger still is my next strange gift. I can imitate the way people walk, I entertain my husband at airports for hours with this bizarre talent.