Cissy Beasley

Born and raised in South Texas, I am a product of a large family whose members have for generations known, lived and loved all that is good about the rich, natural expanse known as South Texas. My ancestors and family include men and women who were or are engaged in cattle ranching, farming, hunting, fishing, archaeology, geology, wildlife and range management, and conservation. Critical to success in these pursuits is an interactive and cooperative relationship with land and water, which for me began in childhood. From my first recollection forward, I knew that a big part of my life would always be a connection with nature, fostered during frequent and extended family trips to ranch land in Webb County, and to the Texas coast.

Spending so much time in the country and on the coast, closely observing all the indigenous species populating those areas, has well equipped me to follow my newest passion - photography. I became serious about photography in the Spring of 2011; at that time, I attained a new awareness of the world around me that is full of beauty and perhaps even the miraculous, and all I had to do to receive this blessing was to open my eyes. Since then, I've become keenly aware of the details. With a camera in my hand, I emerge into the light of each day believing that anything is possible. If by way of this calling, I help others become more sensitive to the world around them, I will have fulfilled my mission.