Dave Blow


A whole new movement has emerged, connecting ecology with theology: ecotheology. Outside the bounds of organized religion, people are reawakening to nature as a sacred sphere; a rediscovery of Native American spirituality, the Gaia Hypothesis, and the Ecological Spirituality of Matthew Fox and Wendell Berry, all are part of this phenomenon. It's rare to find a person who hasn't experienced a deeply moving and pleasurable sense of oneness with something awesomely larger than themselves just through looking at the stars on a clear night... at the rhythmic circling of the birds overhead... buzzing of bees in the blossom's of spring...hiking in the woods or on the beach.

My work is embracing the technological changes that are taking place in our culture, while maintaining my love for the beauty of our natural environment. Multiple images are used to show the magic of a time found in nature's seasons. Through the use of the computer, I bring the viewer into my poetic vision of universal harmony between nature, man and technology. Aesthetically, I am seeking to show the harmony between the natural environment and the electronic one.