We are working on connecting the accounts for AOT members to push our Social media presence forward. Please read through this carefully. THis will be instructions on how to access our Instagram account individually posting as AOT. It is then shared on our FB business page where we have 2200 followers but no posting going on. PLEASE do not post any nudes due to rules by FB and Twitter. They can close our account.

PHOTOS for Below Description







  1. Sign into your instagram account. You should see your little photo at the bottom right and you click it to be ‘home’ on instagram. Your name then shows up at the top of the account and there should be a red circle next to your name. Click that circle and you will see accounts you are on, or just your account and below that the choice to ADD AN ACCOUNT. SEE PHOTO A and PHOTO B

  2. Fill in the user name as artistsoftexas and I cannot remember if they ask you there to do a password, but maybe not. It was late last night when we got some members hooked on. Password is ‘ aotmember ’

  3. SO you switch back and forth between accounts using that name at the top. When you are in ARTISTSOFTEXAS is shows up on top…and you would click that red circle to switch back to your account and vise versa. (TOP NAME SWITCHES ACCOUNTS) CLICKING PHOTO on the bottom right, places you on the homepage of the account where you post from.

  4. NOW let’s talk about the place on instagram where you type your info. Since there are many members posting it is imperative that you do it correctly. Some of you are posting but not telling who you are. See sample below of what you need to consider: A. Title of ART and your name. B. Some descriptive relate to it. C. do your @…….. like @lauriepace . if you are in a gallery do their name with the @ as well. D. Then it is so important to use some of the fun little arty things they have. Use a pointer finger to point to a link…like for your website. E. Lastly the HASHTAGS . Make sure you have #artistsoftexas in the group somewhere. SEE HINT BELOW **** . LInks are hot on FB and if it ever makes Twitter… there as well.

  5. LAST AND VERY IMPORTANT…. as you paste that info sample there… this is posting to AOT INSTAGRAM…look down on your screen and click on AOT FB to ensure it is going to post to the AOT Facebook page. This goes to our group business page not our membership page. SEE PHOTO C

  6. At this time twitter is connected to FB but it is not working. I will continue to work on this during the week and if necessary we will set up Twitter for you to access. Most import is FB to raise social media.



Strong and amazing is the tale of this painting. The stallion is facing the moon with the moonlight flashing through his main and outlining the muscles in his neck. Sold by available in prints at Fine Art America Laurie Pace ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @lauriepace91 @lajollaartgallery @miradafineart @dutchartgallery

👉For a Print:…/dancing-in-the-moonlight-lauri…

👉For more original paintings:

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**** . THE EASIEST WAY TO DO THIS IS to prewrite your entry and copy and paste it. THe iphone I know, the others I do not. Iphone has a NOTE PAD and that makes it easy. Normally I type on my note pad from my ipad or my laptop from the first line through the #’s . Then I use my phone and go to instagram app.. move from my account to AOT account. Add your photo to the AOT account remembering that you are needing to have your type ready with your name or no one knows who created the work. When you get to add your info… I switch back to my notepad on my iphone and copy and paste it back in the instagram account for the painting. It is created fully so I do not have to mess with it. DO NOT FORGET TO have both POSTINGS CHECKED like in Photo C

If you need help, please reach out to one of the members that is already posting… we are here to help each other and we need to boost social media presence for all of us doing it together.