Linda Rupard


What a joy to be able to paint. I have found so many good friends because of my art.

I am a member of a number of art groups. The one I am most active in is The Caboose Watercolor Society which is a group of six professional artists. We have shows together and meet for critiques and encouragement. I am also in West Texas Watercolor Society, Big Spring Art Association & West Texas art Guild. Each one of these groups has shows and workshops and great demo's to keep me up to date on new trends and give me the chance to be with creative people. I also have had workshops with many national known artists and have studied art at Howard College.

Most of all I have had the chance to meet so many special people from everywhere in this country and other countries too. My paintings are in the collection of many of these new friends. My thanks for each one of them. Thanks to you who take time to look at my art. Lots of my paintings are of still lifes I have set up or from photos I have taken on trips or in my own yard. God has given us so much beauty

and I like to share that with others through my paintings. Hope to bring back memories to some and new ways to see a landscape or still life to others.

I like to work in many mediums but prefer watercolor. It is such an exciting medium that can turn out many different ways. I like to have an idea where I am going with a painting but will go a different way when the magic of watercolor suggest something else. I love the excitement of laying beautiful color on that white paper.