Nancy Bozeman


NABozeman, or Nancy A. Bozeman, DVM, is a talented, award-winning Impressionist artist. She came by her artistic talent naturally, inheriting it from both her mother and grandmother. Her mother, Winifred Bozeman, was not only a talented oil painter and art instructor, but also an "Artist of Life" in raising a family of eight children. The Bozeman children grew up on a farm in the Texas Panhandle, surrounded by animals. Nancy spent her childhood with everything from milk cows to barn cats, fostering the strongest of bonds with the cats and horses - a love she has carried with her throughout her life, only recently rivaled by the mules of the Grand Canyon.

As a young woman, still living in the Panhandle, she took art classes under Dord Fitz. Fitz was an excellent artist and teacher, striving to expose his students to a variety of artists. With his guidance the young artist was able to meet and learn from renowned artists such as Elaine De Kooning and Louise Nevelson. Having developed a deep appreciation for art in all its aspects, Nancy was an art major as a young college student at Texas Tech. Since those early days she has been able to develop her own personal artistic passion, governed by her desire to capture the movement and personality of animals, the vastness of West Texas landscapes and, later in her life, the majesty of the Grand Canyon.

Although involved in a few art projects on the side, she did not actively pursue a professional career in art until she came across Curt Walters' Grand Canyon paintings during a visit to the Pri De West in Oklahoma City.  Already in love with The Grand Canyon, it was no surprise, therefore, that Curt Walters would  inspire her to return to her passion of fine art. Since the time that she came upon her inner artist at her mother's knee, Nancy has pursued many art genres and mediums. With fresh inspiration to paint the Grand Canyon, she has found that the immediacy and the color of pastels have made them her favorite medium to work with currently.  Pastels have been a fabulous medium for the plein air works that so inspire Nancy.  The immediacy of the pastels facilitate the capturing of the color and the mood of any scene.

Artist's Statement
NABozeman strives to depict a moment in time with each of her pastel paintings; she loves the play of light and color to show movement. She hopes that you enjoy viewing her artwork as much as she enjoys creating it!