Nancy Hines


Classically trained in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art, schooled as a Master at Azusa Pacific University, as well as throughout public school and other universities in the US, my work has had many influences.  It will, no doubt, have many more as I move through this marvelous existence called life. 

I grew up a Marine brat and lived mainly in Virginia, California, and Texas.  All very different cultures while fitting beautifully into the delightful unity that is America.  I had several different majors while at the University of Texas, including engineering, advertising, and music.  I can't seem to get enough education, so I returned to Sam Houston State University and earned a teaching certificate in art and theater.  I used this far more than my BA in music by teaching in the public schools of Cypress, near Houston, for sixteen years.  I decided to return to school yet again after attending a workshop at Angel Academy in Florence and completed their three year program in June 2013. I am currently combining career of teaching high school art with the pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts degree through Azusa Pacific University in California.

I have found no discipline or medium of art that I do not enjoy!  Drawing has, however, been my mainstay no matter what else I am experimenting with, so you will inevitably find lots of drawings in my portfolio.  I hope you enjoy the site and my work!  Thanks for dropping by.

Artist Statement

I am affected, at times, before I ever begin working – by a story, even a verbal quip – and I have to create it visually. I have to. A stirring of the spirit, that is what I want - my spirit… anyone’s spirit.

My monstrous, large breasted ballerina, Cordelia, who vacuums while in an arabesque was triggered by talented friends with misfit bodies. Does she scream about her life or burst out laughing? Viewers will use their own filters as they gaze on her glossy, marbled body to decide. I use the materials that will be the most effective in making a concrete work from nebulous thought, and my broad base of interest informs what concepts I pursue. My memory inspired papier mâché giraffe needed the aroma of dial soap for his wingtip shoes to bring my father fully to mind. The surface treatment of my giant porcelain anti-charm bracelet looks like a relic from Pompeii and needs the juxtaposition of its clean white velvet covered bed to complete the visual punch I first saw during a verbal gaffe by a visiting artist.

I consider life to be a series of adventures and challenges with each artistic concept or medium adding enticement to my creative process. I have a high sense of craftsmanship tied to being a lifetime-learner that involves details such as a smoothly sanded finish, floppy mane, and hairy tail on the papier mâché giraffe, layers from campitura, wash drawing, dead coloring, rendering, and glazes in Military inspired still life Letter From Home, brushed and evenly toned graphite in my emotionally charged drawing Hold My Hand, and antennae as well as ridged wings and tapered legs on the roach in his Christmas cup charm within my seven feet long ceramic Anti-Charm Bracelet.

My influences in the Classic tradition are Pietro Annigoni, Michael John Angel, Bernini, and Michelangelo among others, but I also incorporate elements of design from the contemporary sculptures of Claes Oldenburg, Tim Hawkinson, and Todji Kurtzman. The rigorous and exacting processes of traditional drawing and painting techniques enable me to produce as I envision while my three-dimensional work grows largely out of exploration and a desire to teach. I need ways to inspire others to try, so I experiment with varied approaches to subject matter, expression, techniques, and materials. All the while, with each new challenge, communication is vital. At the very least, I must communicate with something in me, whether that is a satisfaction of seeing evidence that I understand a new technique, a tearing forth of painful memory, an acknowledgement of gratefulness… something!