Rites of Spring 2014

Best of Show/First Place  Valerie Travers of the United Kingdom

Valeries Travers

Anthony A Gonzalez Second Place

Anthony A Gonzales

Deran Wright Third Place

Deran Wright The Waiting Game
Barbara Haviland Honorable Mention

Barbara Haviland Honorable Mention

 Anthony A Gonzalez "Bright Sunny Days "

Anthony A Gonzalez "La Gitana"

Ann Hoffpauir "A Pause that Refreshes"

Becky Hicks "New Baby"

Betty James "Dry Creek"

C Hancock  "Sophia"

David Forks "Monuments of Time"

Dawn Waters Baker "Whispering Wood" 

Linda Dellandre "Blue Silk and Berries"

Denise Boassarte "Poppy Dream"

Doug Hiser "Sea Horse Fantasy"

Dyan Newton "Truchas Treasure"

Elise Boysaw "Flying in Circles"

George Lee "River Walk" 

Helen Buck "Taking a Break"

Jane Gillespie Cross "Reaching"

Jody Anderson "Peonies"

Judy Wilder Dalton " Whoops of Joy"

Kay Crain "Down by the Sea"

Kristine Byars "Dogs Life"

Kristine Kainer "Play Ball"

Kyle Wood "Southern Hospitably"

Linda McCoy " Midnight in Memphis" 

Lunell Gilley "One of the Ladys"

Mary Frankel "Parade Route"

Nancy Paris Pruden "Field of Poppies 3"

Parastoo Ganjei 'Blue Sky"

Randall Cogburn " Early Morning Surf"

Russ Mackensen "Copper Pomegranate  and Oranges"

Sheri Jones  "Ice Cream Shop"

Sherry Hogan "Purple Iris"

Suzy Baker "Red Mirage"

Suzy Powell "Made in the USA"

Vernita Hoyt "Addicks Bear Creek Chapel"

Kyle Wood Honorable Mention

Kyle Wood Honorable Mention


Allison Fox - "Dichotomy Unified"

Ann Hoffpauir "A Red Work Boot"

Beth Lenderman "On The Way"

Beth Lenderman "On The Way"

Betty Hoaglund "Danielle At The Wedding"

Carolyn Ratliff "Sunny Days"

Cheryl J Smith "DeJaVu"

David Forks "Sundown in Cypress"

Debra Latham " Essence of Beauty"

Linda Dellandre "Cows"

Deran Wright "Cat"

Doug Hiser "Shoebills"

Ed Crumley "Charlie's House"

Ellie Taylor "Cannas"

Grace Hessman "Cibolo Creek"

Hilda Rueda "Silletera"

Janet Broussard "Black and White"

Jody Anderson "Shawna"

Karen Chatham "Wisdom of Wild"

Kay Crain "Three Girls Windy Beach"

Kristine Kainer "Sand Dollar"

Laura Reed "The View from the Top"

LInda Wacaster "Buffalo Brave"

Maralyn Wilson "Pretty Priscilla"

Mary Frankel "Spring Fling"

Nancy Medina "Abundance Delphiniums and Daisies"

Pat Meyer "Anything but a Rose"

Richard Levine "Farms on the Trotternish"

Russ Mackensen "A Single White Cosmo"

Shirley Quaid " All my Children" 

Suzy Baker " Swan in the Wings"

Terrye Philley "Muscovey Duckling"

Wanda Caro "Texas Cavalry Man"

Clayton Gardinier Honorable Mention

Clayton Gardinier Honorable Mention

Annie OBrien Gonzales "Bouquet Saturday"

Barbara Haviland "White Day Lilies"

Becky Hicks "Fresh Start"

Betty James "Best Friends"

Betty Thomas "Sunset"

Clayton Gardinier "Guadelupe River"

David Yapp "Sierra Twilight"

Debbie Cannatella "What I like about Chicago"

Denise Bossarte "Boat Lines"

Diane Breman "Ruru"

Drew Keilback "Finely in the Morn"

Drew Keilback "Schools Out"

Elaine Monnig "Nesting"

Eric Bodtker "Blossoming Trees"

Grace Hessman "Sunset Blaze"

Jacquie McMullen "Venice Canal"

Janet Brousard "Panhandle Sunset"

Jonelle T McCoy "Live Again"

Kay Wyne "Colors of the Landscape"

Kay Reinke "Aquifer Rising in Spring"

Kyle Wood " Southern Appeal"

Lesley Sealey "Lily Pond"

Linda Wacaster "Tianna and Goat"

Maralyn Wilson "Sexy Tessie"

Michal Ashenasi "Lachish IN the Spring"

Michelle Lohr "Elegance"

Nancy Medina "Pink Sorbet Peonies"

Randall Cogburn "Sea Bound"

Sanda Manuila "Portrait of a Poor Artist"

Sherry Hogan "Dingle Ranch"

"Suzy Baker "Everything is Beautiful"

Suzy Powell "Woodie" 

Valerie Travers "Fusion"

Valerie Travers "The Kaleidoscope"