Stacy Tao



 Born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, Stacy Tao is currently studying computer science and visual arts at Columbia University in the City of New York, where she finds fulfillment in creation. She is also a proud member of the Artists of Texas.

 Drawing and painting have always been at her core. However, even as she draws or paints, Stacy is heavily influenced by the many other facets of her life. From dance, she has acquired a sense of movement, flow, and rhythm in her compositions. From computer science, Stacy acquired skills such as adroitness in programming, web development and Photoshop as well as abstract applications of problem solving to aid her in finding a method to the madness of art. She is proud to say that she is able to draw from her experience and the many influential figures that have entered her life—her peers, her instructors, and her parents—to develop a unique sense of creativity and individuality.

 In her free time, Stacy also loves traveling, coding, listening to music. She encourages anyone to contact her with commercial, collaboration, or other personal interest