Patsy Lindamood


An established wildlife artist, Patsy Lindamood’s move to Texas in 2012 has provided a wealth of opportunities to experience a new kind of “wild” life - the rodeo.  Lindamood has just begun to scratch the surface of this new genre of “wild things” artwork.  Her growing body of rodeo-themed work is marked by the same bold, vibrant, colorful, yet strongly representational character as her award-winning wildlife work. 

Drawn to bold colors, strong texture, and compositions dominated by a sense of tension created through motion or change in direction, Lindamood finds infinite inspiration in the animal kingdom, from western wildlife roaming the remaining wild spaces of the United States to the rank and rowdy bucking broncs and bulls of the rodeo.  Each piece celebrates a momentary communion with wild things and a keen desire to contribute in some small way to the preservation of a world where the buffalo still roam, where the deer and the antelope continue to play, and where the cowboy way of life remains a career option.  


Patsy Lindamood

Contact at 

13 Timberline Circle 

Huntsville, TX  77320

(352 ) 339 2353




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