Meet Texas Artist Ann Hoffpauir

Ann Hoffpauir is a full-time artist from Orange, Texas where she lives.  Ms. Hoffpauir paints in a contemporary realistic style.  Major themes in her work in addition to her depiction of the landscape include animals, with an interaction with nature.  Her painting style blends with a love of nature and its forms, floral displays, animals and people, with brilliant lights and strong darks.   Ms. Hoffpauir finds the spontaneous qualities of watercolors lend it

very well to a fresh painterly approach, appearing effortless.  The same can be said for her oil paintings.  Those qualities show along with her confident and enthusiastic brushwork.  It’s not just the brushwork or color, but the painting as a whole, must engage the viewer.  The painting should convey

a sense of mystery and beauty.  She has taught at many local organizations and private schools and has conducted several workshops and teaches weekly art classes at her home studio. Ann has been featured in Western Art Collector, Southwest Art and Art of the West magazines. She was featured in Western Art Collector’s – Art of the Horse 2011.   For more information she may be contacted at 409-745-2473 or email her at

Ann is a Signature Member of the Artists of Texas.