Meet Texas Artist Marty Hatcher

Marty Hatcher is from Dallas, Texas where, she found acceptance and encouragement for her love of art.  Her deep connection with animals and nature was evident in her early art work.  She attended the University of Texas at Arlington with a major in Commercial Art.  After school she went directly into the field of art as an illustrator.  Her love of and involvement with horses and nature eventually led her to a new career.  She competed in, as well as instructing Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing while owning and operating a horse boarding facility in Houston.  She did free-lance commercial art on the side and took up painting again under the tutelage of Houston’s own Dick Turner.  She has studied with some of the country's finest artists, Quang Ho, Scott Christensen, and Ned Jacob to name a few.  Marty took courses in Veterinary Technology to enhance her animal anatomy knowledge.  When asked to share her thoughts on education, her passion for study was evidenced by her statement: "The more I learn, the more I know I need and love to learn.  I feel an artist needs to have a deep understanding and feeling for what they are painting as well as a good handle on the use of the tools and innumerable applications available to them.” Her dream to share art and education in the arts is evident through the development ofARLC – Artists Retreat & Learning Center, her most recent and exciting undertaking.  Marty taught life drawing at the Museum of Fine Art in Fort Worth, Texas.  She is now teaching privately at her studio in Magnolia, Texas. Her works can be seen at - Galerie Mado Chalvet in Montrose at 1706 Westheimer, Houston TX 77098 (ph) 713-522-0475.   Marty states that she now realizes her many years of study and experience with art, animals, and being an observer of nature have been developing a foundation from which to draw the fundamental materials for her deep passion, painting.  Marty says:“There is something very sensual about moving paint around a canvas. Sometimes I laugh out loud while I’m painting for the sheer pleasure it brings to me.”  It is her hope that her joy and passion come through in her paintings.