Denise Bossarte

Photography is a way to capture the moments when I connect intimately with the beauty in the world: natural beauty, man-made beauty, and the convergence of the two. 

My training is in an Eastern contemplative arts tradition that emphasizes experiencing the world in a direct and non-judgmental way. 

It requires a quiet, open mind to see what is there to be found in that instant. 

From this view, the images are presenting themselves and my art is fashioned by engaging with them. 

A strong photograph is one that captures a moment in such a way it transmits the experience to the viewer. 

My passion is doing photography along the coast of Texas where the mix of man and nature, of land, sea, and air, construct images that are figurative, impressionistic, and even abstract.


Denise Bossarte
Found Worlds Photography
Artist of Texas Signature Member