Suzan Casey


Suzan Madison Casey discovered her love for photography as she and her husband, Scott, of 46 years hiked the mountains and riverbeds of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Texas. Each bend in the trail lead to another wide-eyed view of nature from flower blossoms, butterflies to a variety of birds and an abundance of wildlife. Atop the mountains and through the valleys, life unfolded the splendor of God's creation. Her love for photography began those many years ago.

Back home in West Texas, nestled on her porch swing, Suzan is surrounded by flowerbeds filled with spring, summer and fall blossoms. The beds overflow into the water garden brimming with aquatic life. From the brilliant Oriole to the tiny Cabbage White butterfly, abundance of wildlife comes to enjoy this peaceful environment. These amazing views have captivated her heart as she captures them one shutter click at a time.

Enjoying the cowboy lifestyle with her husband has added numerous hours to her photography adventures. The photo shoots with Scott and his horse Alice have spread across an array of venues. From pasture lands to arenas, it is the free spirit of the open range that draws her attention and keenness for each photo art she creates through her lens.

Suzan shares her love, joy, and passion for God's creations in every piece of her photo art. From her heart to yours, may you feel the grace and magnificence of her photography as she shares her treasures with you.

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