Meet Texas Artist Janna Hengy


I was born in a small town in East Texas, but moved to Dallas in the seventh grade.  After marrying and having two children my husband and I decided we wanted to raise our family in a smaller community.  He had spent a lot of time growing up on his uncle's ranch outside of Hico, Texas, which was our inspiration for buying an old farm near Terrell, where we built our dream home and still live.  Today we raise stockers and have horses.  So there are a lot of Western themes interwoven in my art.

I have always been interested in art.  When my children were small, I was a stay at home Mom.  After my children were grown, I started painting seriously. Wanting to learn as much as possible, I took workshops with Perrin Sparks, Greg Biolchini, Kay Polk. and Carrie Ballantyne.  My favorite media are oil and pastel.  I seem to prefer western themes, as is evident in my portraits of people and animals.  My brother is a cowboy reinactor and chuckwagon cook.  I occasionally help him cook and also lend a hand with other friends who have a chuckwagon.  Once upon a time I did Cowboy Action Shooting, which is why I can honestly say, "I live the life I paint" and hopefully  my art succeeds in helping you visualize a small segment of my experience.

 I am a traditional artist painting in the traditional style.  I love color and often use it very liberally.  I enjoy the play of light and dark with dramatic settings.  I hope you enjoy my choice of subjects and how I interpret them and come back to see more.

Meet Texas Artist Holly Hunter Berry

Holly, born in Pennsylvania, now living in Houston, Texas, finds the world is full of subjects waiting to be showcased on canvas. Using paint and various styles of brushwork, she captures the impression left by an encounter. Never tiring of the journey of an artist, instead thriving on the adventure that the materials combined with an image mixed with emotions take her. An impressionist, colorist and sometimes abstract expressionist are a few terms that have described her work over the years.

Meet Abstract Artist, Kay Reinke

Art has been a part of her life since she began painting at the age of 12, when she began studying at The Houston Museum of Fine Art and the Texas Art Institute. The daughter of a journalist, who was also a cartoonist for the Army newspaper during WW II, she was always encouraged in her artistic efforts. As an adult, left brain and right brain activities took parallel paths with mathematics and art.  This unusual pairing has proven to be a benefit in many areas, including perspective and proportions. Currently she divides her studio time between Canyon Lake, Texas and China Spring, Texas.

Painting has always been an exciting endeavor for her. The mixing of creamy paints and the application of vibrant colors provide a sensual experience. She wants her paintings to suggest encounters and feelings in a way that sparks viewers’ imagination.

Kay Reinke's training and unique experiences, along with extensive range of influences, have resulted in a vitality and richness in her paintings. Her many awards as well as her enthusiastic collectors are evidence of her success. It is her belief that art is evidence of God’s willingness to let us share with him in the expression of the beauty and majesty of our world.


Meet Artist, Judy Crowe

I love the works of the Old Masters but the Impressionist painters are the painters I most admire for their vibrant use of color and their individual brushwork.  As it did for the impressionists, everyday subjects inspire me.  I love flowers and landscapes and appreciate the beauty of nature.  It’s quite a challenge to capture the feel of a time or place on canvas rather than a photo representation. 

I’ve been featured in several national artists publications and have won many awards but while those honors are nice, the best reward ~ for me as an artist ~ is when a collector purchases a piece of work.  My hope and goal is to add lasting value to the world we live in and perhaps capture a part of God’s wonderful creation to canvas.