Meet Artist, Nancy Medina


The great American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "The Earth laughs in flowers...." Nancy Medina has found a way to express that statement through her art. Named one of the best floral and botanical artists by American Art Collector magazine, Nancy is an instructor for the Dallas Arboretum whose paintings are collected around the world.

Known for her bold, impressionistic florals and large container gardens that are immediately eye-catching, Nancy teaches a loose, bright technique that evokes brilliant color.

Nancy's love of art and gardening originated on her childhood farm in Scurry, Texas, where her parents were organic gardeners. Her earliest memories are of standing barefoot beneath 11 foot sunflower stalks in her family's garden. Nancy studied art history and illustration at the University of London, King's College, Chelsea, and oil painting and color theory at Texas A&M University. Today she resides with her husband and their 4 pugs in Flower Mound, Texas, where she paints daily from Flower Mound Art Studio.

Nancy has worked professionally in design and publishing for over 20 years. In 2013, she retired from her 6-figure corporate job to pursue her art and teaching full time. Her original oil paintings have been featured in print and Web publications and on the covers of magazines. When she is not in the art studio, Nancy is a volunteer for Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue, the largest pug rescue charity in the nation. You can contact Nancy directly at

Meet Artist, Pamela Blaies

I create representational oil paintings using the alla prima technique.  With alla prima painting, a work is completed while the paint is still wet.  Using this wet-on-wet technique, I often employ thin, transparent washes along with impasto texture which add depth and interest to my paintings.   The time limitation of this technique motivates an energetic pace to my work and helps to keep my inspiration fresh. I prefer to paint from life and am inspired by the effects of light and shadow in the world around me.  Black paint is not part of my palette.  I use color mixes and complements for shadows and lowering color intensity.  My limited color palette offers a virtually infinite color range and helps me to organically achieve color harmony.   I enjoy exploring the new inspirations I find each day.
Her studio is her favorite place to paint and display her newest works of art.  Her paintings can be found in private collections, galleries and exhibitions throughout Texas and beyond.  Pamela is a member of Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists, Artists of Texas and Professional Artists in North Texas.  She has had the opportunity to study with talented and accomplished artists and has also discovered that self-study and experimentation work well for her as she continuously strives to grow as an artist.  Through dedication, study and hard work, she pursues her art with enthusiasm.  While nurturing her passion for painting, she has learned to feel, see and connect on a deeper level.

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Meet Abstract Artist, Kay Reinke

Art has been a part of her life since she began painting at the age of 12, when she began studying at The Houston Museum of Fine Art and the Texas Art Institute. The daughter of a journalist, who was also a cartoonist for the Army newspaper during WW II, she was always encouraged in her artistic efforts. As an adult, left brain and right brain activities took parallel paths with mathematics and art.  This unusual pairing has proven to be a benefit in many areas, including perspective and proportions. Currently she divides her studio time between Canyon Lake, Texas and China Spring, Texas.

Painting has always been an exciting endeavor for her. The mixing of creamy paints and the application of vibrant colors provide a sensual experience. She wants her paintings to suggest encounters and feelings in a way that sparks viewers’ imagination.

Kay Reinke's training and unique experiences, along with extensive range of influences, have resulted in a vitality and richness in her paintings. Her many awards as well as her enthusiastic collectors are evidence of her success. It is her belief that art is evidence of God’s willingness to let us share with him in the expression of the beauty and majesty of our world.


Meet Artist, Jimmy Longacre


Jimmy Longacre was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1947.  At an early age his family moved to San Antonio, Texas. Through grade school he filled his notebooks with drawings of Davy Crockett, Superman, cowboys, Indians, horses, Disney characters, airplanes and spaceships, to share with his friends. Longacre graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree, and then earned a Master of Fine Art degree from Syracuse University.  Contrary to the predominant scholastic influence of the day, Abstract Expressionism, Longacre fed his artistic interests on paintings from the Golden Age of American Illustration and the American Impressionists. In following his early passion for these he enjoyed a career as a freelance illustrator and painter for twenty-five years. During part of that time Longacre taught drawing and painting while on the faculty of The University of Texas College of Fine Art. Today, Jimmy is a full time painter and lives with his wife on a hilltop in the Texas hill country, near Dripping Springs. He spends much of his time on frequent outdoor painting excursions gathering the experience and material for his studio compositions. He describes his evolving painting style as Subjective Realism.