Meet Texas Artist Dave Blow

A whole new movement has emerged, connecting ecology with theology: ecotheology. Outside the bounds of organized religion, people are reawakening to nature as a sacred sphere; a rediscovery of Native American spirituality, the Gaia Hypothesis, and the Ecological Spirituality of Matthew Fox and Wendell Berry, all are part of this phenomenon. It's rare to find a person who hasn't experienced a deeply moving and pleasurable sense of oneness with something awesomely larger than themselves just through looking at the stars on a clear night... at the rhythmic circling of the birds overhead... buzzing of bees in the blossom's of spring...hiking in the woods or on the beach.

My work is embracing the technological changes that are taking place in our culture, while maintaining my love for the beauty of our natural environment. Multiple images are used to show the magic of a time found in nature's seasons. Through the use of the computer, I bring the viewer into my poetic vision of universal harmony between nature, man and technology. Aesthetically, I am seeking to show the harmony between the natural environment and the electronic one.

Meet Texas Artist Filomena Booth

Strong composition, visual texture, bold use of color, and trusting her intuition are just some of the elements that Filomena  employs in creating works that elicit emotional responses from viewers. Her work, at times, may be subtle, and at other times vibrant and bold.  Her original abstract paintings are found in collections throughout the country.

Filomena is a Signature Member of the Artists of Texas

Meet Texas Artist Maryann Brooks Kildebeck

MaryAnn Brooks Kildebeck signs her paintings with her maiden name, MaryAnn Brooks.  She has been painting for 30 years, but took a long break while raising children and building a career in forensic therapy and mediation.  She loves to paint with bold as well as softened colors and moves from realism to contemporary renditions easily.  

Having lived in Texas for more than 40 years, MaryAnn feels at home in Texas, but still has deep roots in Oklahoma where she was raised.  Her first training was with oils, then she moved to watercolors, and now uses both mediums.  Please feel free to contact her to make suggestions or requests!  


Meet Texas Artist Marty Hatcher

Marty Hatcher is from Dallas, Texas where, she found acceptance and encouragement for her love of art.  Her deep connection with animals and nature was evident in her early art work.  She attended the University of Texas at Arlington with a major in Commercial Art.  After school she went directly into the field of art as an illustrator.  Her love of and involvement with horses and nature eventually led her to a new career.  She competed in, as well as instructing Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing while owning and operating a horse boarding facility in Houston.  She did free-lance commercial art on the side and took up painting again under the tutelage of Houston’s own Dick Turner.  She has studied with some of the country's finest artists, Quang Ho, Scott Christensen, and Ned Jacob to name a few.  Marty took courses in Veterinary Technology to enhance her animal anatomy knowledge.  When asked to share her thoughts on education, her passion for study was evidenced by her statement: "The more I learn, the more I know I need and love to learn.  I feel an artist needs to have a deep understanding and feeling for what they are painting as well as a good handle on the use of the tools and innumerable applications available to them.” Her dream to share art and education in the arts is evident through the development ofARLC – Artists Retreat & Learning Center, her most recent and exciting undertaking.  Marty taught life drawing at the Museum of Fine Art in Fort Worth, Texas.  She is now teaching privately at her studio in Magnolia, Texas. Her works can be seen at - Galerie Mado Chalvet in Montrose at 1706 Westheimer, Houston TX 77098 (ph) 713-522-0475.   Marty states that she now realizes her many years of study and experience with art, animals, and being an observer of nature have been developing a foundation from which to draw the fundamental materials for her deep passion, painting.  Marty says:“There is something very sensual about moving paint around a canvas. Sometimes I laugh out loud while I’m painting for the sheer pleasure it brings to me.”  It is her hope that her joy and passion come through in her paintings.

Meet Texas Artist Becky Hicks

Becky Hicks grew up in the small west Texas town of Breckenridge.  She spent many of her summers and holidays on her great-grandmother's ranch, where her love for nature and all things "country" was born.  She began drawing and painting at five years old and was always encouraged by her family, friends and teachers to create art.  She knew at a very early age that she was an artist and would one day realize her dream of becoming a full time artist.

Becky currently resides in Keller, Tx with her husband, Dwain.  Several years ago she left the corporate world and has since successfully owned and operated a faux finishing and decorative painting business.  In addition she has been painting and selling her original oil paintings, which, along with the desire to teach others to paint, is her passion.

Meet Texas Artist Deran Wright


Drean Wright, Signature Member of The Artists of Texas

This year marks 35 years that I have been fortunate enough to create sculpture in Texas. I have worked in all genres, from portrait, memorial, fantasy, mythology, animalia, and monumental, and try to bring a sense of classic style to each. My works are scattered about the country, in private collections, public campuses, and civic institutions. 

The medium is bronze, and the method is the ancient art of Cire Perdue, or lost wax bronze casting. In each piece I fashion, I attempt to achieve a timeless quality, because bronze is almost eternal, and may last for thousands of years.!overview/cp5c

Meet Texas Artist Lori Cusick

“I am an artist; I have always been an artist. As far back as my memory serves, creating art has liberated me from life’s daily struggles. The concept of time passing becomes an abstraction when I am immersed in creating.”

In 2002, Lori decided to follow her life’s passion and recommitted herself to painting. At this time, she first engaged in en plein air painting. “The challenges presented by painting nature while being part of that nature have taught me a tremendous amount about studying light and manipulating paint.” The one constant through her paintings: her energetic spontaneous brushstroke, applying paint with a confident contemporary approach.

Lori resides in Dallas, a long way from the mountains of New York where she was born and raised. She attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. Over the following years, Lori successfully pursued a career as a commercial artist designing for advertising agencies and running her own design studio. She is currently Design Director for the award-winning Private Clubs magazine. You see the influence of her commercial career in her exciting compositions … silhouettes of the world.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York
Oil Painting, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

Meet Artist, Vernita Bridges Hoyt

"For over 50 years, I have been passionate about art and design. As a child my first two oil paintings, an old house and a dog family, foretold my future in architecture and animal art. My journey followed a curvy path while I painted part time through marriage, motherhood, real estate brokerage, business management, and the study and practice of Architecture. In 2005 I came full circle back to studio art and daily painting and established myself as a professional artist. I was a founding member of Art Helping Animals and was juried into the original Daily Painters Gallery in 2006. I am a co-founder of Artists of Texas. A fifth generation native Texan, I am deeply entwined in the land and lore as I paint the sauce of Texas™  and create a collage of my life. Finding joy in the process, I design ... I draw ... I paint."    

Memberships:  American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America, Portrait Society of America, Signature Member and Co-Founder of Artists of Texas

V. Bridges Hoyt paintings are in collections throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and the British Isles.

Meet Artist, Tina Bohlman

A native Texan, Tina Bohlman has used the state in which she was raised as both the inspiration and the canvas for her art.  Mostly a self-taught artist, Bohlman works in both watercolor and oil medium to create her breathtaking plein air paintings and brilliant rural landscapes.  She cultivated her natural artistic talent and eye for beauty with great dedication and an insatiable desire to learn by studying works of “the Impressionists” and today’s best master artists. Preferring  plein air rather than working in the studio Bohlman is a veteran of numerous competition plein air and “quick draw” events including, Plein Air Southwest–Outdoor Painters Society, Sedona Plein Air Festival-Sedona, Arizona, and Paint The Parks-Estes Park, Colorado.

I’ve been an outdoor painter for most of my art career.  Nothing compares for inspiration and capturing light and emotion. Plein Air requires strong technical skills and a large measure of intestinal fortitude.  As the light moves, moment by moment across the sky, every stroke must be without hesitation.  It's a marathon race with the sun; spirited, emotional….and exhausting.  I love it!" 

With this dedicated attitude and her skills and talent, Bohlman has made quite an impact in her field.  In a career span of nearly 40 years, she has earned more than 60 awards, including a dozen First Place and four Best in Show titles.  Her work is collected worldwide; Bohlman originals hang in private and corporate collections in 34 States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Republic of Benin, West Africa.  


 “While it’s important to look ahead and plan for the future, an artist must also be “in the moment…the now.”

Meet Artist, Steven DaLuz

Steven DaLuz is  known for figurative works and imaginative landscapes, using a process he devised using metal leaf, oil, and mixed media.   Born in Hanford, California, Steve lived 13 years abroad, and completed a BA degree in Social Psychology, and an MA degree in Management, before earning the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2003.  DaLuz was selected three times for inclusion in the Florence Biennale.  His drawings and paintings are represented in private and corporate collections in 26 States and overseas.  He is a featured speaker and panelist at The Representational Art Conference, 2014, and was invited to participate in the International Masters of Fine Art exhibition in 2014.  He has exhibited internationally, and his work has been published  in art books, and magazines, such as Art in America, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, and  The Artists.  He is represented by AnArte Gallery in San Antonio, The Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Laura Rathe Fine Art in Houston, and Dallas, Texas."

Meet Artist, Linda Wacaster

Linda Wacaster was born and raised in the Dallas area. She has a studied with the greats of wildlife art: Carl Brenders, John Seerey-Lester, Terry Isaac, Nancy Glazier, Alan Hunt and many others. Linda loves wildlife and the outdoors. She has travel worldwide to gather subject matter. She feels the sounds, smells and energy surrounding her is almost as important to the creative process as the visual subject. The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched – they must be felt with the heart (Helen Keller). This is what Linda’s art does – it touches your heart

Linda Wacaster, ACA, WAOW

Meet Artist, Pamela Blaies

I create representational oil paintings using the alla prima technique.  With alla prima painting, a work is completed while the paint is still wet.  Using this wet-on-wet technique, I often employ thin, transparent washes along with impasto texture which add depth and interest to my paintings.   The time limitation of this technique motivates an energetic pace to my work and helps to keep my inspiration fresh. I prefer to paint from life and am inspired by the effects of light and shadow in the world around me.  Black paint is not part of my palette.  I use color mixes and complements for shadows and lowering color intensity.  My limited color palette offers a virtually infinite color range and helps me to organically achieve color harmony.   I enjoy exploring the new inspirations I find each day.
Her studio is her favorite place to paint and display her newest works of art.  Her paintings can be found in private collections, galleries and exhibitions throughout Texas and beyond.  Pamela is a member of Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists, Artists of Texas and Professional Artists in North Texas.  She has had the opportunity to study with talented and accomplished artists and has also discovered that self-study and experimentation work well for her as she continuously strives to grow as an artist.  Through dedication, study and hard work, she pursues her art with enthusiasm.  While nurturing her passion for painting, she has learned to feel, see and connect on a deeper level.

Small Paintings Daily Paintworks

Meet Artist, Linda Popple

Linda Popple.jpeg

Would I paint if no one saw my work?  The answer is a definite yes.  I love to explore places, people and objects through the richness of paint.  The buttery feel and color of the paint on my brush inspires and excites me.  I enjoy exploring light and shadow with loose, soft brush strokes and pushing color.  My hope is that I will continue this path for a long time.

Old masters and contemporary artists continue to influence my work.  Through their talents I learn about techniques, color, composition, etc and the value of hard work on a daily basis.  Workshops taken with artists I admire help to guide me through my art journey.



Meet Artist, Liz Hill

Liz started her serious art training at the Los Angeles Art Center School at age 17. She studied advertising design and illustration. She enjoyed the experience, but always wished to do more unstructured creative pieces. During the 70’s she was a busy mother and wife, with an interior decorating business. She did attend the University of Houston and studied under John Alexander and Gael Stack, something she treasures to this day, as they inspired her to find her own voice. She continued her art education always and studied under many fine teachers. In the 80’s she started showing and selling her work primarily in the Rockport, Texas area. She did many water paintings and anything relating to the ocean. Her work at this time in her career was exclusively oil. She moved to the Woodlands in 2001 and loves the artist opportunities she finds there. She is a member of theWoodlands art league, as well as a member of the leagues in Tomball and Conroe. She won many ribbons for her oils, but 4 years ago she was introduced to water media and never looked back.  She joined the Watercolor Society of Houston and gained recognition for her work, after a while people were asking her to teach her methods. She has expanded her media into collage, and her workshops are known for their experimental nature and light hearted approach to art. The main focus of her work now is figurative work.

“I work in water media as it enables me to draw and paint quickly.  My work is contemporary in feeling, and the addition of collage materials reflect our world today.  I am not interested in copying the past.” - Liz

Meet Artist, Jimmy Longacre


Jimmy Longacre was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1947.  At an early age his family moved to San Antonio, Texas. Through grade school he filled his notebooks with drawings of Davy Crockett, Superman, cowboys, Indians, horses, Disney characters, airplanes and spaceships, to share with his friends. Longacre graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree, and then earned a Master of Fine Art degree from Syracuse University.  Contrary to the predominant scholastic influence of the day, Abstract Expressionism, Longacre fed his artistic interests on paintings from the Golden Age of American Illustration and the American Impressionists. In following his early passion for these he enjoyed a career as a freelance illustrator and painter for twenty-five years. During part of that time Longacre taught drawing and painting while on the faculty of The University of Texas College of Fine Art. Today, Jimmy is a full time painter and lives with his wife on a hilltop in the Texas hill country, near Dripping Springs. He spends much of his time on frequent outdoor painting excursions gathering the experience and material for his studio compositions. He describes his evolving painting style as Subjective Realism.

Meet the Multi-Talented Laurie Justus Pace

Nathalie Kelley "Blowin' Off Steam" First Place


"BLOWIN' OFF STEAM" won First Place and Judge's Choice at the West Texas Art Guild Art Show. This watercolor painting of my aluminum teapots (and one coffee pot) was painted in the hospital while my husband was recovering from surgery. It has won 3 First Place Awards. It has found a new home at my friend's ranch house, which is perfect because she is the friend that I would blow off steam to during our long stay in the hospital.