Meet Artist, Debbie Lincoln

A resident of Erath County since 1979, Debbie finds endless sources of inspiration on the edge of Hill Country, Texas. However, many are found in her own backyard of Morgan Mill, Texas.

Using photographs she acquires while traveling in her RV with husband Mike and dog, Georgia, Debbie often imagines stories to accompany the images she constructs. After ten years in the Graphics Arts business and another 11 owning an automotive oil change business, she finally committed herself in 2005 to devote herself to painting full time. Her favorite medium is oil, but watercolor and pencil are also ways of expressing her love of the beauty God has brought into her life, with favorite subjects being cowboys, Texas landscapes, wildlife, and horse related events.

A member of the Colorado based “Daily Painters” group since 2007 and a founding member of the Artists of Texas in 2009, Debbie devotes as much time promoting the art of other talented people as she does her own. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking, caring for assorted farm animals (including chickens), playing with her grandbaby, quilting and riding one of the 3 horses that still reside at her farm.

Debbie says: “Many of my neighbors are real cowboys and horsemen/women. The photo opportunities are endless and the inspirations are bounded only by one's imagination. I feel blessed to be able to indulge two of my passions in such a fashion - painting the country and people around me and riding the horses that are bred here. I am still ‘evolving’ a style. When I was in desktop publishing and designing logos, I drew like an engineer - precise and exact - photographic-like reproductions were my mainstay. Now, as a cherished friend says, I want to ‘hang loose’.  My style is not yet established (and may never be!). I am having too much fun trying new things...but I predict if you follow me for a while, you'll enjoy the variety and the evolution!" 

Daily Painters

Meet Artist, Steven DaLuz

Steven DaLuz is  known for figurative works and imaginative landscapes, using a process he devised using metal leaf, oil, and mixed media.   Born in Hanford, California, Steve lived 13 years abroad, and completed a BA degree in Social Psychology, and an MA degree in Management, before earning the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2003.  DaLuz was selected three times for inclusion in the Florence Biennale.  His drawings and paintings are represented in private and corporate collections in 26 States and overseas.  He is a featured speaker and panelist at The Representational Art Conference, 2014, and was invited to participate in the International Masters of Fine Art exhibition in 2014.  He has exhibited internationally, and his work has been published  in art books, and magazines, such as Art in America, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, and  The Artists.  He is represented by AnArte Gallery in San Antonio, The Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Laura Rathe Fine Art in Houston, and Dallas, Texas."

Meet Artist, Linda Wacaster

Linda Wacaster was born and raised in the Dallas area. She has a studied with the greats of wildlife art: Carl Brenders, John Seerey-Lester, Terry Isaac, Nancy Glazier, Alan Hunt and many others. Linda loves wildlife and the outdoors. She has travel worldwide to gather subject matter. She feels the sounds, smells and energy surrounding her is almost as important to the creative process as the visual subject. The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched – they must be felt with the heart (Helen Keller). This is what Linda’s art does – it touches your heart

Linda Wacaster, ACA, WAOW

Meet Artist, Judy Mackey

I have always been interested in art and took painting lessons as a child growing up in Japan but I entered the world of Fine Art as a Professional Artist in 2005.   I paint mostly with a palette knife, with a heavy build-up of paint which gives my paintings a lot of texture.  I like working with a limited palette of colors using either Ultramarine blue or Prussian blue for my blues, Cadmium yellow light, Cadmium red medium or Alizarin Crimson for my reds, and Titanium white, and occasionally adding Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre and or Magenta. I love being able to mix and derive new colors with the limited palette of colors.   I strive to create beautiful colors and capture the light and shadows along with the textures in every painting.  My painting style is impressionistic with simplicity. 


Meet Artist, Linda Popple

Linda Popple.jpeg

Would I paint if no one saw my work?  The answer is a definite yes.  I love to explore places, people and objects through the richness of paint.  The buttery feel and color of the paint on my brush inspires and excites me.  I enjoy exploring light and shadow with loose, soft brush strokes and pushing color.  My hope is that I will continue this path for a long time.

Old masters and contemporary artists continue to influence my work.  Through their talents I learn about techniques, color, composition, etc and the value of hard work on a daily basis.  Workshops taken with artists I admire help to guide me through my art journey.



Meet Artist, Liz Hill

Liz started her serious art training at the Los Angeles Art Center School at age 17. She studied advertising design and illustration. She enjoyed the experience, but always wished to do more unstructured creative pieces. During the 70’s she was a busy mother and wife, with an interior decorating business. She did attend the University of Houston and studied under John Alexander and Gael Stack, something she treasures to this day, as they inspired her to find her own voice. She continued her art education always and studied under many fine teachers. In the 80’s she started showing and selling her work primarily in the Rockport, Texas area. She did many water paintings and anything relating to the ocean. Her work at this time in her career was exclusively oil. She moved to the Woodlands in 2001 and loves the artist opportunities she finds there. She is a member of theWoodlands art league, as well as a member of the leagues in Tomball and Conroe. She won many ribbons for her oils, but 4 years ago she was introduced to water media and never looked back.  She joined the Watercolor Society of Houston and gained recognition for her work, after a while people were asking her to teach her methods. She has expanded her media into collage, and her workshops are known for their experimental nature and light hearted approach to art. The main focus of her work now is figurative work.

“I work in water media as it enables me to draw and paint quickly.  My work is contemporary in feeling, and the addition of collage materials reflect our world today.  I am not interested in copying the past.” - Liz

Meet the Multi-Talented Laurie Justus Pace