Meet Texas Artist Russell Mackensen


Having worked as an Architect for over 40 years I produced a lot of drawings and renderings of projects, but was not involved in fine art. Yet I have been "seeing" projects in lights and darks, composition, texture, movement and color.  All these elements of architecture are the same ones that artists apply to their works.  So in a sense I have been producing "Art" by taking 3 dimensional ideas and translating them to 2 dimensional drawings. The only difference is that those drawings are then used to create the 3 dimensional work.

Upon the urging of my wife over the last 30 years saying "you could do that" when we were looking at art, I decided to try Oil Pastels in October of 2009.  It felt like a natural medium for me to work with as I was able to get what my mind was seeing onto the ground I was working on. I soon discovered that this was a medium not too well known or understood. It is the application of pure pigment in stick form, similar to Dry Pastels.  For a more complete understanding please visit the Oil Pastel Society.

I have been honored as a Signature member of the Oil Pastel Society, and am a juried member of The International Guild of Realism, Oil Painters of America, Faith Artists and The Artists of Texas.

In my life and my art I strive to give praise to the Creator of all. I believe that as a Christian everything I do is summed up by the scripture:

"For From Him and Through Him and To Him are all things.

To Him be the Glory Forever. Amen"  

Romans 11: 36

Meet Texas Artist Shirley Quaid


Shirley Quaid's art career started after she had raised her family but she is making up for lost time by painting every day. A viewer once said of her work that the soul was evident in the figurative as well as the landscape paintings. What a wonderful thing to hear!

She connects with her subjects on an emotional level as her heart strings are tugged by the beauty of the human spirit as well as our beautiful Earth.

 Every new painting offers challenges to work through as edges are softened, colors are selected and the thickness of the paint is applied with brush and knife to create an evocative response from the viewer.

Her paintings have garnered numerous awards from the very beginning and have been collected throughout the United States.

She maintains a studio in Humble, TX and is represented by The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, TX and is a Signature Member of the Artists of Texas.

Meet Texas Artist Lee Baggs

Lee Baggs

SIGNATURE MEMBER of The Artists of Texas

Lee Baggs was interested in drawing and studying beautiful art and natural scenery, at six to eight years of age. Lee loves the beauty in artistic creation in earthly and universal nature by God, as well as through people, using natural elements. He has always felt blessed  with gifts of awareness, appreciation, and talent striven to improve in to reach the fine art ability. 

After serving in the U. S. Marine Corps, Lee Baggs became a graduate of the Dallas Art Institute, Dallas, Texas. He then became a technical illustrator in the aerospace industry.

Feeling strongly for the traditions of fine art, Lee Baggs receives inspiration from American figure artists John Singer Sargent, William Merrit Chase, and contemporary Daniel E. Greene. From Russian figure artists, Repin, and Kramskoy. Inspiration comes from the landscapes of the Hudson River School, Bierstadt, Cole, Moran and Gifford, and contemporary Clyde Aspevig. Still-life inspiration comes from Sherrie McGraw, David Leffel, Jie-Wei Zhou, and Elizabeth Robbins Pruitt. 

Lee has received many fine art awards including Best of Show and the Gold Medal.

He has been accepted as a member of the Oil Painters of America, the Portrait Society of America and the Outdoor Painters' Society, as well as the Pastel Society of The Southwest and the Artists Of  Texas.

Recognition has come from The Artist's and International Artist magazines. Lee Baggs currently has his fine art studio in Grand Prairie, Texas, a Dallas suburb.

Meet Artist, Vernita Bridges Hoyt

"For over 50 years, I have been passionate about art and design. As a child my first two oil paintings, an old house and a dog family, foretold my future in architecture and animal art. My journey followed a curvy path while I painted part time through marriage, motherhood, real estate brokerage, business management, and the study and practice of Architecture. In 2005 I came full circle back to studio art and daily painting and established myself as a professional artist. I was a founding member of Art Helping Animals and was juried into the original Daily Painters Gallery in 2006. I am a co-founder of Artists of Texas. A fifth generation native Texan, I am deeply entwined in the land and lore as I paint the sauce of Texas™  and create a collage of my life. Finding joy in the process, I design ... I draw ... I paint."    

Memberships:  American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America, Portrait Society of America, Signature Member and Co-Founder of Artists of Texas

V. Bridges Hoyt paintings are in collections throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and the British Isles.