Kristine Byars Artists of Texas Equine Art

Kristine Byars uses vivid color to create paintings that are often playful, and yet evoke warm emotions. One consistent theme in her art is a great love of nature and all creatures. Horses hold a particularly special place in Kris' heart, and when not painting she can often be found with her quarter horse, Sparky.  Kris lives a life surrounded by nature in Texas with her husband Steve, cat, golden retriever, and Sparky.     

Nathalie Kelley "Blowin' Off Steam" First Place


"BLOWIN' OFF STEAM" won First Place and Judge's Choice at the West Texas Art Guild Art Show. This watercolor painting of my aluminum teapots (and one coffee pot) was painted in the hospital while my husband was recovering from surgery. It has won 3 First Place Awards. It has found a new home at my friend's ranch house, which is perfect because she is the friend that I would blow off steam to during our long stay in the hospital.