Meet Texas Artist Robin Cheers

Texas-based painter, Robin Cheers’ gift is her ability to bring a magnifying glass to life’s simple moments. Her paintings encourage us to appreciate the extraordinary stories that are told in the most ordinary of circumstances.

“To discover and share the hidden treasures of everyday moments is the goal of my work. Light and gesture are my inspiration. I paint quickly - alla prima - because its the most instinctive way for me to work and capture that moment of pure inspiration. My paintings have become a visual diary of  my life. In the summer, I turn to paintings of the beach, farm markets, horse shows and  swimming holes. Other seasons find me in the city, frequenting coffee houses and museums, and gathering material and inspiration from each stop along the way.”

Robin's subject matter invites people to stop and explore, while painterly brushwork speaks to the fleeting moments she captures on canvas. Working from sketches, paint studies and photos, she paints with immediacy, preferring to finish a painting in one session, leaving out details and allowing the viewer to interpret the story to their own ends.

Born in Ohio in 1969, her family moved quite often while Robin was growing up; creative play and art helped her adjust to new situations. Robin graduated in 1991 from Virginia Tech where she studied public relations and graphic arts - balancing the practical with the creative. She worked as a graphic artist and web designer in the years following college, moving once more to her current home in Austin in 1994. She studied painting at night in intensive classes with Elizabeth Locke until 2001 when she became a full time fine artist. Studies with Kim English, Peggi Kroll Roberts and Ken Auster, as well as studying the impressionist masters from long ago, have continued to inform her work.